Go to your customers, rather than making them come to you...


Today's digital age of instant messaging and information about anything under the sun in less than 10 seconds has changed the way we as businesses need to market.

First off, go to a platform where majority of your customers already spend their time --> Facebook Messenger



Why you need to use Messenger... Just the facts


✔ Messenger Averages 90-100% open rates


✔ Messenger experiences 60+% click-through rates


✔ Messenger conversations are user-initiated and user-driven


✔ Messenger users can subscribe within seconds and unsubscribe easily


What Can Chatbots Do?

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Our Process


Step one: Strategize

✸ Business Objectives

✸ Customer Avatar 

✸ Establish KPI's

Step TWO: Develop

✸ Bot Personality

✸ Sales Funnels

✸ Content and FAQs

Step Three: Launch

✸ Cross-Promotion

✸ Data Collection Begins

✸ Activate Funnels

Step Four: Manage

✸ Optimize Funnels

✸ Data Exports

✸ System Checks

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